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The world has experienced dramatic changes over the past two decades, and the manner in which couples divorce is no exception. Increasingly, spouses are working through issues such as child custody, support and property division together. Bringing a cooperative spirit to divorce proceedings decreases the amount of stress involved, lowers legal fees and typically carries over to the post-divorce period during which many former spouses must continue to coordinate on parenting matters.

If you feel you and your spouse are well-suited to this type of collaborative divorce, the Easley Law Group in Plano can assist you. Sharon has served as a neutral mediator for a number of couples who were able to complete a divorce without the expense of hiring two separate attorneys. In this role, Sharon ensures that all of the necessary documents are signed and properly filed.

We have worked with a number of couples who initially attempted to navigate the process on their own and failed to produce complete or enforceable agreements. As a rule, it saves money to enlist the services of an experienced attorney who can guide you through the process.

Conflict Happens

Of course, not every couple can get through divorce or other family law disputes without a high degree of conflict. Attorney Easley's experience, knowledge and skills - both in and out of the courtroom - are even more advantageous for clients who find themselves in high-conflict disputes in which litigation is likely. Our firm represents clients in the full spectrum of family law issues, including:

  • Child custody - We will protect your rights and your relationship with your child, whether you expect to be the custodial parent or wish to ensure a fair visitation agreement.
  • Fathers' rights - We will ensure that dads are treated fairly and will help them stand up to false accusations of abuse or neglect.
  • Support - We will ensure that you are treated fairly, whether you expect to receive or pay child support or spousal support. We also will advocate on your behalf if it makes sense to deviate from Texas Family Code guidelines regarding child or spousal support.
  • Property division - Financial concerns are paramount when couples divorce. We will protect your assets and help you establish a solid financial foundation to begin your post-divorce life. We have the resources necessary to properly assess complex assets such as real estate, retirement accounts, family-owned businesses and more.
  • Modifications and relocations - We assist clients when life changes require adjustments to existing court orders, including conservatorship (custody), parenting plans, and spousal or child support. We also help petition or defend against a request to relocate with a child.
  • Enforcement - We help clients when a party violates the terms of a divorce or custody decree, or if a party has been falsely accused of violating a court order.

You Will Work With the Same Highly Regarded Lawyer from Start to Finish

When you enlist our services, you are assured of working with Ms. Easley from start to finish. Call 972-758-9999 to schedule a free consultation. We will answer your questions and recommend an effective course of action. We represent clients throughout North Dallas, including residents of Collin, Denton, Dallas, and Grayson counties.

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