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If you have chosen to end your marriage or are considering divorce, you may be worried that you will encounter contentious disputes with your spouse. Many people view divorce as a combative process with spouses locked in a struggle over various issues, requiring them to wage legal battles in court. However, you do not need to approach your divorce with the expectation of conflict. Instead, you may be able to work together with your spouse to resolve your legal issues and end your marriage quickly and efficiently. Collaborative divorce provides a great way to do so, and it can provide you and your spouse with a number of benefits.

At the Easley Law Group, we work with divorcing spouses, helping them use alternative dispute resolution methods whenever possible. Along with providing representation during collaborative divorce, we offer mediation services, and we believe in helping couples find mutually agreeable solutions to divorce-related issues. With her understanding of the divorce laws and experience helping spouses resolve disputes, Attorney Sharon Easley can help you take the necessary steps to complete your divorce successfully.

The Collaborative Divorce Process

During the divorce process, it can be beneficial for each spouse to have representation from an attorney who can advise them of their rights and advocate for their interests. However, resolving disputes in court can become very expensive and time-consuming. Collaborative divorce provides a different way to address divorce-related issues, allowing spouses to cooperate with each other rather than taking an adversarial approach.

In a collaborative divorce, both spouses will be represented by an attorney, but they will make the commitment to work together to reach a divorce settlement outside of court. The spouses and their attorneys will sign a participation agreement in which they will agree to fully disclose any information requested from each other. The agreement will also state that if the parties are unable to reach a settlement, and litigation will be required to address any outstanding issues, the attorneys will withdraw from the case.

As the spouses work to negotiate a settlement, they may hold a series of meetings in which they and their attorneys will discuss the issues that will need to be resolved, such as the division of marital property, the custody of their children, and whether either party will pay child support or spousal support to the other. If necessary, additional professionals may be brought in to assist in making decisions. These may include financial experts such as accountants, appraisers, or financial planners who can help determine the value of marital assets and provide advice on how to divide the marital estate in a way that is beneficial for both parties. Parents may also choose to work with family therapists or child custody specialists who can help them create a parenting agreement that will detail how they will work together as co-parents going forward while also ensuring that children will be able to spend reasonable amounts of time with both parents.

Since each spouse will have representation from their own attorney, they will have an advocate who can explain their rights and help them determine the best ways to resolve their divorce-related issues. The goal of the collaborative divorce process is to create a workable divorce settlement. The spouses will then attend a prove-up hearing where their divorce decree will be issued and their marriage will be legally dissolved.

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If you are hoping to complete your divorce quickly without the need for contentious disputes, collaborative divorce may be the right choice for your situation. Attorney Sharon Easley can help you understand your best options, and she can provide you with representation throughout the divorce process. To set up a free consultation and learn more about how we can help with your divorce, contact our office at 972-758-9999. We help spouses resolve divorce-related issues in Dallas County, Plano, Denton County, North Dallas, and Collin County.

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