During this period of Health uncertainty, Divorce Mediation Centers of America and The Easley Law Group advises Mediation if at all possible as:
Mediation takes less than a day and:
Can be done virtually if requested or in privacy of our office practicing social distancing
No Courthouse visit. They are closed
We file everything electronically with the court.


We Fight For Fathers Who Want To Remain Active Parents

At the Law Office of Sharon M. Easley in Plano, we are not so much champions of fathers’ rights as we are staunch advocates of children’s rights.

Texas Family Code presumes that parents should be named as joint managing conservators. It is hoped that both parents remain actively involved in their child’s life following divorce or the end of a nonmarital relationship. Yet, for one reason or another, fathers are frequently treated unfairly in custody disputes. Sometimes, they do themselves a disservice by forfeiting their rights too easily because they feel they are trapped in a system that is designed to work against them.

We Turn Cases Around

Attorney Sharon M. Easley has successfully represented a number of fathers who worked with other lawyers and who seemingly exhausted every avenue to obtain custody or simply more time with their children. Sharon has turned what appeared to be unwinnable cases on their head, not only gaining more time for fathers, but in some cases securing primary custody.

“I hired [Sharon] on behalf of my son in a custody dispute over his then 3-year-old daughter. The case lingered for four years. She stood by him when he was falsely accused of being physically abusive toward the mother. She guided him through the investigation when the mother falsely accused him of molesting his daughter. Eventually, she was able to prove that the mother’s boyfriend — not my son — was the guilty party. But for her perseverance and competent representation, my son would not have custody of his daughter today.”

Emotions run high during divorce, and parties have been known to seek revenge by making false accusations or attempting to turn a child against the other parent. We respond aggressively in these situations, using nearly 30 years of litigation experience to reveal the truth.

Your Role As A Father Is Too Important To Give Up On

If you are a father who feels the legal system is working against you in your effort to remain an important part of your child’s life, we can help. Call or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.