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When a marriage ends, children are caught in the middle. Parents generally want to minimize the impact of divorce - or the end of a nonmarital relationship - on their children. At the same time, each parent usually wants to maintain a strong relationship with his or her child by securing as much time with the child as possible.

Protecting your child against the emotional toll of divorce may seem directly opposed to the goal of gaining custody or, at the very least, ample parenting time. Some of the most heated conflicts in divorce involve decisions about custody, which Texas Family Code refers to as conservatorship.

Too often, fathers forfeit parental rights because they feel they are caught in a system that favors mothers. We help fathers get fair and just treatment regarding conservatorship.

At the Easley Law Group, we help our clients in Collin County and throughout North Dallas resolve child custody disputes without sacrificing the important goal of securing significant parenting time.

A History of Handling High-Conflict Disputes

Under Texas Family Code, the court acts in the child's best interest when making decisions. If both parents can reach agreement on a parenting plan, the court merely needs to approve it.

Attorney Sharon M. Easley has helped a number of couples who seemed destined to litigate over custody reach agreement outside of court. By doing so, both parties are able to play a role in shaping the look and feel of their parenting plan rather than leave these important decisions to a family court judge or jury.

Did we just say "jury?" Yes, Texas Family Code allows either party to request a jury trial for certain aspects of divorce, including critical decisions regarding parental rights. We strive to keep these decisions with the parents.

Valuable Courtroom Experience

Of course, litigation cannot always be avoided. If you and your child's other parent cannot reach agreement, Ms. Easley is an accomplished trial lawyer who has an impressive record of producing positive results.

Having practiced family law in North Dallas for more than 20 years, she has a thorough understanding of how to develop strong cases on behalf of her clients, as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the preferences and past tendencies of family court judges throughout the region. The latter point is significant. The more you know about individual judges - what works and what doesn't with each - the greater the likelihood you will get a favorable outcome.

Understand Your Options

We welcome the opportunity to work with you to resolve custody and parenting disputes. We can answer your questions during a free consultation and provide a candid assessment of what you can expect. We represent clients in Collin, Denton and Dallas counties and throughout North Dallas from our office in Plano.

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