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When married parents choose to get a divorce or unmarried parents end their relationship, resolving issues related to child custody can be difficult. However, once these issues have been settled, final court orders will be created that detail how parents will share the responsibility of raising their children, when children will spend time with each parent, and the parents' financial obligations to provide child support. While these orders are usually meant to be permanent, there are many situations where parents or children may experience changes that would require them to make adjustments to these orders.

If you need to request changes to child custody or child support, or if you need to respond to a modification request by your children's other parent, you will need to work with an attorney who can help you understand your rights and options. The Easley Law Group provides dedicated legal representation in family law cases, and we can help you determine the best ways to handle these types of cases. We will work with you to negotiate agreements that will protect your parental rights and provide for your children's best interests. If necessary, we will advocate on your behalf in the courtroom and help you resolve these issues successfully.

Child Custody Modifications

In Texas, the right to make decisions about how children will be raised is known as conservatorship. Parents will usually share joint managing conservatorship of their children, although one parent may have sole managing conservatorship in some cases. A divorce or child custody order will usually name one parent as the custodial parent, giving them the right to decide where children will primarily live, and the other parent may have the right to possession of or access to the child. In the years following the finalization of a divorce or the issuance of a child custody order, either parent may petition to have these orders modified.

Typically, a modification of child custody, including terms related to conservatorship, possession, or access, will only be made if the person requesting the modification can show that the circumstances affecting either parent or the child have materially and substantially changed. These changes may include the remarriage of either parent, health issues affecting a parent or child, or plans by a parent to relocate to a new home. When determining whether to grant a modification request, a judge will consider what is in the child's best interests. If a child is at least 12 years old, the judge may speak with the child in their chambers to determine the child's wishes regarding which parent should have the right to choose the child's primary residence.

Child Support Modifications

As with modifications to child custody, the terms of a child support order may be modified based on changes in the parties' circumstances. For example, if the parent who pays child support has lost their job or experienced a serious injury or illness that will prevent them from working, they may request a temporary or permanent modification to the amount of child support that they will be required to pay. Modifications to child support may also be appropriate if a child's needs have increased, such as because of a health condition that requires extraordinary medical care. Child support may also be modified if at least three years have passed since the original child support order, and a recalculation of child support based on the parties' current financial circumstances and the child support guidelines would result in a difference of at least 20 percent or $100 from what is currently being paid.

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If you need to modify child custody or child support based on changes you have experienced in your life, the Easley Law Group can help you determine your best options. We will make sure you take the right steps to achieve a successful outcome to your case. Contact us at 972-758-9999 to arrange a free consultation today. We assist with divorce and family law cases in Plano, North Dallas, and throughout Collin County, Denton County, and Dallas County.

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