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Plano Foreclosure Lawyer for Your Home

Collin County Foreclosure Defense Attorney

If you have missed several consecutive mortgage payments, you may have received notice from your bank that your house is being foreclosed. You may only need more time to work out a solution, or you may feel your bank is guilty of illegal lending practices.

The Easley Law Group represents borrowers who wish to stop foreclosure by filing an injunction against a foreclosure sale of their home. We provide our clients extra time to work out a loan modification, proceed with a short sale, pursue a lawsuit against their lender or develop an alternative solution.

Understand Your Options When Facing Foreclosure

Attorney Sharon M. Easley assists numerous individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties and face foreclosure. Many of the clients she represents in divorce and other family law matters are adjusting to the transition to a single-income household. It is not unusual under these circumstances to have trouble staying current with mortgage payments and other bills.

Bank executives can be unsympathetic to homeowners and seemingly uninterested in searching for alternative resolutions. In some cases, a lender may feel it can make more money by foreclosing on your house than by modifying your loan. By enlisting the services of Ms. Easley, a lawyer who has extensive litigation experience, you will likely find that your lender becomes much more responsive to your requests.

Take Action Now Before It's Too Late

We are empathetic to your situation and interested in helping you remain in your home while an alternative solution is developed. We invite you call or use our online contact form to schedule a free consultation in which we can answer your questions and present some creative options. We work with homeowners in Collin, Denton and Dallas counties and throughout North Dallas from our office in Plano, Texas.

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